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Cryogenic Valves

4K to 323K Cryogenic Valves

The functioning of a control and shut-off valve becomes very demanding if the temperature drops to the range of absolute zero. In these extremely cold temperature ranges, each valve must be designed and optimised according to the application and fluid.A cryogenic valve is one of the few elements which connect the cold pipeline with the liquid gas to the environment at ambient temperature.This may result in a temperature difference of up to 300°C between the pipeline and the environment.This temperature difference generates a heat flow from the warm to the cold area, which reduces the efficiency of a system and impairs the proper functioning of the valve under extreme circumstances if ice is formed at the warm end.The challenge is to reduce the thermal resistance between the warm and the cold area, i.e. between the valve bonnet and the valve connections, as far as possible. WEKA cryogenic valves are characterised by a very low thermal resistance and thus contribute to a system's efficiency.

Multi Layer Insultation


As a product diversification, Beyond Gravity Austria GmbH adapted space multi-layer insulation for cryogenic applications, used e.g. for superconducting magnet insulation in liquid Helium temperature range, for Nitrogen cryostats and for liquid Nitrogen piping. We can offer a broad range of standard insulation packages with polyester foils and different spacers as well as crinkled insulation lay-ups.
Dilution Refrigerator‌

Dilution Refrigerator System

Leiden Cryogenics B.V. is a company founded in January 1992 by Giorgio Frossati and Alex Kamper.Prof. Frossati has worked on dilution refrigerators since 1970 having introduced the silver powder heat exchangers, now widely used in all commercial dilution refrigerators. He has also built the most powerful dilution refrigerators in the world for temperatures below 10 mK. His machines obtained several world-record lowest temperatures, down to 2.0 mK in 1977 when he worked at the Centre de Recherche sur les Trés Basses Temperatures of GrenobleIn 1980 he became a Professor of Physics at the University of Leiden where he continued research in quantum fluids and solids and ultra-low temperature techniques. There he built the two most powerful dilution refrigerators for temperatures below 10 mK. One of these machines reached a continuous temperature of 1.85 mK and a record cooling power of 25 micro-Watt at 10 mK.


‌4K GM Cryocoolers

‌CSIC Pride (Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. (Pride Cryogenics) was founded in 2010, which is a technology oriented company concentrated on the development and manufacturing of cryocoolers, helium liquefiers and other cryogenic systems. Pride Cryogenics brings together many talents in technique, management and marketing areas. Pride Cryogenics is specialized in the research and development of cryogenic and electronic devices. Pride Cryogenics has independent intellectual property rights for several key technologies, such as Inertance Gap Phase Shift Cryocooler, Nano-Filtration Channel Oil Separation Technology, which improve the performance and reliability of products, and thus enlarge the application area of cryogenic products.

‌Cryogen-free Cryostats

‌<  4K ULV Crostats

‌ColdEdge’s ULV Interface provides < 10 nanometer displacement directly at the sample point.
High performance gas gap heat exchange utilizes 80% of cryocooler capacity for maximum cooling power. Compatible with ColdEdge 1000K high temperature interface for a wide heating and cooling range.

Cryogenic Accessories


GE Varnish
Apiezon N-grease
Indium wires and sheets
Vacuum grease
Stycast Epoxy
Electrical feedthrough

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